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01. Backlink Indonesia 26. Iklan Maluku Utara
02. Backlink Termurah 27. Iklan Nusa Tenggara Barat
03. Cara Membeli Backlink 28. Iklan Nusa Tenggara Timur
04. Iklan Aceh 29. Iklan Online Indonesia
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Which of the 8 types of bloggers do I want to be?

AlexCohen - Almost every day new blogs born and enliven the atmosphere of blogging. Every blogger trying to attract the attention of the reader through the writing uniquely created. With so many bloggers are, Strategi Blogging trying to categorize with 8 types of bloggers writing articles based on character

#1 – The Tour Guide
The Tour Guide doesn’t produce much original content. Instead, he culls the best of the web on a particular topic and puts it in one place. Smashing Magazine has built an entire presence on this very strategy. Admittedly, I have a weakness for graphic design

#2 – The Guru
The guru is an expert level author on his or her topic of interest. People flock to this blog when they’re new to the area, if they have a detailed and tough question or just to keep up on the latest developments in a field

#3 – The PR Puppet
Have you ever read a blog where the write-up of a particular product, website or service were just too carefully worded? The PR puppet strikes again! This kind of blogger feeds the blog content beast by lifting large sections of press releases without adding much analysis

#4 – The Contender
The contender is a new blogger. She might be just new to the blogosphere or new to her topic in particular. Unproven but determined, the Contender has to earn her way to the top and keep her eyes on the prize. The biggest risk to the contender is that she loses focus or gives up before people catch on to what she has to offer

#5 – The Repeater
The blogosphere is often characterized as an “echo chamber”–a place where little is created and much is just repeated. The Repeater’s blog has a lot of echos–content or commentary that originated from other blogs, news or hot trends without any synthesis or value added.

#6 – The Anti-Socialite
Some bloggers are just stingy with the links. Others don’t understand that commenting and interacting with the community is enriching and productive. The Anti-Socialite exists (or pretends to exist) in a silo. She doesn’t care who’s reading or commenting. She’s not appreciative of her place in the blogosphere. She might also have a bad reality show

#7 – The Reviewer
The Reviewer loves to express his opinion. Whether it’s a new product or website, he loves to pick it apart and weigh in. He’s also likely to give his opinion about the hot topics of the day in his community. Something controversial? Something innovative? You can be the Reviewer has something to say.

#8 – The Navel Gazer
The Navel Gazer is all about one thing: herself. Readers be damned, this is her blog and she’s going to write about whatever is interesting to her. You’ve stumbled upon a Navel Gazer if you read the blog and you don’t get anything from it. “I”, “me” and “my” are more common than “you” and “your”. Sometimes Navel Gazers are entertaining, but it’s usually short lived fascination

Personally, I’m hoping to be a bit of a Tour Guide and a bit of a Contender, how about you guys? Which of the 8 types of bloggers do you want to be?